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The third generation 1600℃ high temperature flame gun, universal welding gun to send a universal wel


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Promotion price, the original price of ₱3300 welding gun, now only ₱1980

Multifunctional welding gun replace the traditional welding machine, small body more convenient

Flame up to 1600°, using low temperature welding rod, better fluidity and easier welding


Can any material of aluminum or iron be welded?

Yes, any material of aluminum or iron can be welded.

The welding gun temperature is high, the electrode fluidity is good, and the welding is smoother

The welding gun flaming temperature 1600°, strong welding tensity, more firmer

Do you need to add aluminum powder for welding?

Can be welded without adding aluminum powder, and there is no blue light, no harm to human body

Do not touch it immediately after welding to avoid scalding, but touch it after cooling by spraying water

Metal objects all can be welded.

Convenient and lightweight for home use, the key/iron pot, you can help yourself, and the welding is faster and easier


Welding is so easy and fast

Aluminum, copper, iron, stainless steel, multiple materials, fast welding

Black matter produced by welding can be erased after cooling


In the low temperature, the electrode with low melting point, which can be welded quickly.

General Metal, Welding Firmly

Processed food, more fragrant, more delicious, continuous spray fire, resistant to high temperature, stainless steel tube cannot be rust

Multifunctional welding gun can weld metal and roast food, spray fire continuously, durable

First time sell on the Internet

Cost price selling, matching with sets more favorable, buy more save more money


Product quality assurance, seven days return and exchange, please rest assured to buy

Note: Gas should be purchased by yourself, choose high quality gas, otherwise it will affect the service life of welding gun

If you have any questions, please contact us directly, we can deal with it immediately.

Let everyone shopping at ease, comfortable,money is not spent in vain

The third generation 1600℃ high temperature flame gun, universal welding gun to send a universal wel
NT$ 1980.00
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